Recommended Ad Specifications In TikTok

By | March 10, 2021

Tweens and Teens aspiring to interact with the global community march towards TikTok. Currently, TikTok is available in one hundred and forty-one countries which implies a broader reach and possibilities for brands. On average, a user spends nearly fifty-two minutes daily on the platform and gains more than three million dollars in revenue. TikTok has defeated the download rates of Instagram and Facebook. Nearly forty-one percent of the TikTok users are Gen Z and are focussing to buy TikTok likes. Any user in TikTok can express their talent through video and receive a lot of appreciation and suggestions for that particular video. TikTok is a viable platform for video ads of any niche.

It is generally said that marketers can undoubtedly benefit from TikTok if they focus on a younger demographic, users aged below twenty-four. TikTok campaigns support tremendously in generating traffic to the website or launching a new product. TikTok ads are impactful with user-friendly tools to help businesses extend their reach with enormous active users worldwide. TikTok is a strong platform that unleashes the brand’s creative side and irrespective of the size of the business, and marketers can choose from different advertisement plans in TikTok.   

Best Methods For Video Advertising In TikTok

Vertical Videos

TikTok ads should be in vertical formats, like the usual TikTok video format. Horizontal videos are not accepted in TikTok, which also creates a high impact on the audience.

Starting With Impressive Visuals

First impressions matter a lot in TikTok, and people tend to swipe to the next video if they don’t find it attractive. Users need to begin their ads with appealing visuals to hold people’s attention. Stunning pictures grab the audience’s sight to view the ad completely and also buy views to spread their content to a broader audience. Engaging in ads is essential to strengthen views and maximize reach.

Center The Key Points

The users should not allow their crucial points to get away from the frame. They need to place targeted points in the middle to gather the audience’s attention. Also, it becomes simple for users to understand the brand’s objectives. Also, ads must include brands name, call to action, and it is highly recommended to have a brand image in the ad.    

Background Sounds

Instead of merely using subtitles, marketers can include themes or background music for the brand. They can choose music that makes the audience get energetic and prompts them to take the desired action.

Catchy Description And Compelling CTA

It is better to use local language to create catchy descriptions for the ads. Also, marketers need to ensure that the content is informative and easily understood by the audience.

Every advertiser has a specific purpose of accomplishing in their TikTok ads. To progress with that, they must include call-to-action and encourage people to click the call to action.  To reach a massive audience, marketers need to optimize their ads.  

Instruction For In-Feed Ads

The name understands that the ads can be viewed in user’s feeds. Based on the brand’s requirement, they can choose the ad method.

Ad Videos

The videos’ length can be five to sixteen seconds, and the video file size must be certainly below five hundred megabytes.

Brand Or App Names

The brand name must have less than a hundred characters. Also, it is recommended to ignore emojis. The brands need to consider punctuation and spaces.

Ad Description

Lengthy phrases do not perform well in Ad descriptions. Hashtags, curly braces, and Emojis are enabled, and spaces, punctuation will be considered as characters.

Display Image

The file size of the image should be less than fifty Kilobytes. It is preferred to go with JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats. The recommended ratio is 1:1.

Instructions For TikTok Videos

There are no restrictions for display Size in TikTok. But it is good to maintain above 720 x 1280  pixels. Users can create tiny videos and have them within five to fifty seconds. The instructions for app or brand name for ad description are similar to that of in-feed ads.

Cost Of Video Ads

Small budget marketers need to have an appropriate plan before beginning with TikTok ads. TikTok was predominantly a female influencing platform, and the audience was mostly females. But currently, both men and women are actively involved in TikTok. The ad price starts from ten dollars for the first thousand impressions, and Brand Takeover costs fifty thousand dollars per day.